I’m Hungry

Greetings my friends!!! I appreciate you stopping by my blog.

I remember seeing a psychologist, Dr. S, many years ago when Steven & I were living in Houston. During a session, she asked me an interesting question.

“Are you hungry?”

Well my appointment was after work, during dinner time….

I used to take things so literally. What she really wanted to know was if I was hungry in an emotional way. What a loaded question!!!

As I sit here reflecting on the year of 2019 and moving forward into 2020 with new dreams, I ask myself the very same question that Dr. S asked me more than 30 years ago.

Are you hungry?


I am hungry for challenge. I plan on continuing to challenge my health and fitness journey. Currently every Orangetheory class and every yoga class is a challenge in itself! Regarding nutrition, I’m currently researching plant based and vegan options, leaning heavily on Forks Over Knives. Honestly, being 100% plant based/vegan is not realistic for me (at least at this point in my life), but I love discovering new food and preparing new recipes. They are loaded with nutritious, and actually delicious 😋

I am hungry for personal growth. I’ve learned this past year that the road to personal growth for me is to get out of my comfort zone and keep a growth mindset. I mean, I went ROCK CLIMBING AND climbed the Summit in Crested Butte!!! Who would have thought? And lets not forget about the dinner party. Going to confession on a regular basis has also helped me grow in an unexpected way.

I am hungry for education. Educating myself is an ongoing process. If something interests me, I research it and always keep an open mind. Recently, I’ve spent my spare time watching documentaries on plant based diet. A few worth mentioning are Forks Over Knives, Game Changers, and The C Word, which can all be found on Netflix. In addition to watching documentaries, I also enjoy reading memoirs and “self help” books. My current book that I’m reading is Best Self.

I’m fortunate enough to work at WW (Weight Watchers reimagined), where I can share my passion for this wonderful company, and challenge my personal growth AND furthers my education. And did I mention that WW also has vegan options!!!

When I do something, I don’t do it to simply “do it” and go through the emotions, but I giving everything I do 💯

After the fruitful year of 2019, I want MORE.

Watch out 2020, I’m here and I’m more hungry than ever!!!

What are you hungry for?

Imagine with all your mind ~ Believe with all your heart ~ Achieve with all your might

Life With Lisa 💕