What Do I Do?

Happy Day everyone!!!

A question that I often get is:

“What is it that you do Lisa?”

I help women regain control of their bodies & build strength from the inside out 💪🏼

When I recommitted to my health & fitness journey nearly 6 years ago, I did so with an open mind. Many doors have closed, but more have opened. I’ve embraced the opportunities that life has presented to me, and has taken me on so many adventures along the way!!!

Last year I started building a community of like minded ladies all with the goal to become the healthiest version of themselves. It truly is an honor to walk by their side as they discover their strength, personal growth and thrive.

I offer solutions through Beachbody (BB) which has an extensive library of fitness programs ranging from cardio/strength; lifting; yoga; barre; pre & post natal barre; PiYo; dance; meditation series; boxing; running. The best part is that BB is continuously adding new programs to the member library.

BB also has a Nutrition Center on their app with access to a cooking show, meal plans, recipes and so much more!!! No dieting or cutting out any foods. The focus is on balanced and portion control, swapping out processed foods in favor of wholesome ingredients.

I am proud of my growing community and always welcome new ladies to join us. Fellowship, accountability, motivation and fun along the way!!!

Coffee Chat via Zoom

I am so passionate about health & fitness I recently took it a step further by enrolling with National Academy of Sports Medicine. I am now a Certified Personal Trainer & Certified Nutrition Coach. Always learning, always growing!!!

Just starting out? Need to hit “reset”? Need a community? We would love to have you seek greater horizons with us.


Imagine ~ Believe ~ Achieve

Life With Lisa

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