75 Hard Lessons

75 Hard Consecutive Days.
150 workouts = 6,750+ minutes of working out
75 Progress Pics taken
750+ pages read (currently reading my 5th book)
75+ gallons of water consumed
Zero Treats

April 1 – June 14

“75 Hard is a Transformative Mental Toughness Program” created by Andy Frisella.

This is 100% accurate

My biggest reward – PERSONAL GROWTH.
Grit. Endurance. Consistency. Adaptable. Commitment to myself.
Muscle definition is beyond my expectations.

Outlook on life – I CAN do hard things because I DID and will CONTINUE

There is no price tag on personal growth. However, yes I did reward myself with new shoes and a much desired massage. AND on the way home from my massage this afternoon, I followed the floral delivery straight to my house. He presented me with what I thought was 1 dozen long stem roses. Wrong. He said I had 2 more. Steven gave me 75 roses for 75 Hard!!!

Brooks Glycerin 19
Mizuno Wave Sky 4 Wave Knit

My robin eggs I’ve been “hiding” in my closet since Easter is coming out of hiding, although at this point I barely desire them. One thing that I’ve been looking forward to is Papa Johns, and it was good!!! It wasn’t as heavenly as I imagine, but I enjoyed it.

Easter Stash

A little more about the details:

Workouts: Two 45 minute workouts are required, and one must be outdoors. This brought out creativity as most of my Beachbody workouts are 30-40 minutes. I sought out bonus workouts from various programs and often added 10 minute abs as well. During 75 Hard, I completed Muscle Burns Fat, Muscle Burns Fat Advanced, and currently doing a hybrid calendar of Muscle Burns Fat/Barre Blend.

My outdoor workouts brought out the planning side of me, keeping a close eye on the weather. I’ve walked in the rain and the heat. As Andy says, you begin to embrace unfavorable weather conditions. There’s something satisfying about it.

Water: Last year I vowed to drink 60+ ounces a water daily after seeing Rachel Hollis IG story. Whatever was said, ignited a spark on me and it was game on. I had this wonderful water bottle which held 25 ounces, so my goal was to “just” drink 3 which would exceed my goal by 15 oz. This water goal would take me an entire day to complete the task – often until 9 pm. In December of 2019, after an intense studying session for my Certification in Personal Training through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, I remember looking up and seeing my 3rd bottle about 3/4 FULL. It was late. I was bone tired, felt like there was sand in my eyes tired. I went to bed and my streak from April 1, 2020 to that December day 8 months later was broken. I struggled to get back on track… until 75 Hard.

2019 water bottle vs 2021 water bottle

Going from a goal of 60+ ounces to now ONE GALLON seemed impossible. If I struggled with 60 ounces, how was I going to do a gallon? Growth mindset. I now easily consume 64 ounces BEFORE Noon. Many times I finished with my one gallon water goal by 6:00-7:00 pm.

Books: This one amazes me. In 2019 during my 54 Before 54, one of my goals was to complete 4 books that I had started but never finished. Many of us can relate to the stack of unfinished books that glare at us. Reading 10 pages a day has resulted in reading 4 books and now on my 5th. (The catch here is that you HAVE to read an actual personal development book, you cannot listen to it. Once you start the book, you HAVE to see it through to the end).

10 pages a day adds up fast!

The adventure continues.

Next up for Lisa… Outward Bound in September. Outward Bound is an adventure and wilderness program and I’ve chosen canoeing in Minnesota. Woo Hoo!!!

55 has never been so good.

Imagine with all your mind ~ Believe with all your heart ~ Achieve with all your might

Life With Lisa 🥰

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