Leaping Into March

What a month it has been!!! Goodbye February, Hello March.

February started with a quick but wonderful trip to North Carolina, followed by a trip home to shower my beautiful daughter in preparation for her baby. We are so blessed to be loved by family and many friends to share in the journey of this pregnancy.

Steven & I took another trip, this time to Dallas for Oprah’s 2020 Vision Tour. WOW, it truly is hard to put the experience into words. SO. MUCH. WISDOM. SO. MUCH. ENERGY. (See previous post, Memorable Day with Oprah, for more)

February ended on a high note. My daughter, Katy & I, spent the week together watching bad movies, eating good food, working on the nursery, and having slumber parties. Our favorite men were crushing the ski slopes of Crested Butte having the time of their life. My fave 5-year old had a blast being on the men’s trip, especially with his fave Uncle Nick (my baby). Besides dominating the mountain, they enjoyed celebrating Nick’s upcoming 25th birthday every night at dinner. 🥳

In addition to the fun things in life, I’ve also been preparing for my upcoming arthroscopic knee surgery next week. I tore my ACL in 2011 and had reconstructive ACL surgery. When progress came to a standstill and my doctor told me “this is the way its going to be,” I found a doctor with a proactive stance and also changed physical therapists. My surgery in 2012 proved to be a huge success.

I’ve returned to my amazing doctor, switching up physical therapist again and I’m excited AND nervous about my surgery, but mostly looking forward to emerging stronger. The good news is that my ACL is in tact, there are no tears, just need some cleaning up 🙌🏼 I KNOW I’m in excellent hands and have faith with the outcome.

The hardest part…. hitting the pause button with Orangetheory and yoga. I’ve worked so hard with both, and fear that I will lose my progress.

Today I took my 99th Orangetheory class, and ended the month strong.

Today, I also celebrated my 147th yoga class with everyone who has attended 100+ classes at Bayou Yoga. I applaud Nicole & Elizabeth, two working mothers who have created a unique yoga community, pouring their hearts into their studio. THANK YOU BY for setting aside a special time to celebrate your members. So much magic happens on the mat – transformation of the mind, body & soul. However, todays yoga practice proved to be humbling. I felt like a beginner all over again. WHAT. A. CHALLENGE 🤪

The month of March will be focused on recovery, giving physical therapy all of the energy that I put into my workouts. I’m looking forward to being stronger than ever with my cleaned up knee. I have big plans. 🤗

Imagine with all your mind ~ Believe with all your heart ~ Achieve with all your might 💕

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