THREE Months from Today

In February of this year, I compiled a list of 54 things I’d like to experience prior to my 54th birthday. With the help of Steven, I dug deep to create a list of goals and accomplishments I wanted to achieve and experience on a personal level, family, spiritual, and community. I had no idea how rewarding this would be. And I’m not done. Yet.

As of today, I’ve completed 28 of the 54

4 are ongoing

3 are in progress

19 remain

Many new doors have opened in my life during this journey and I’ve seen God work wonders through the process. For example, I chose to pray the 54-Day Novena which I began on March 6, the first day of Lent. I had no idea what my petition would be, so I allowed the Holy Spirit to put it on my heart. While I did not understand some of these petitions, the reasons were clearly revealed to me during the course of the novena. All I had to do was TRUST.

Game Night: This sure has been a FUN time. Our first family game night was in Crested Butte during Mardi Gras this year. I brought the card game, Five Crowns. We are so hooked on it, we’ve yet to try another game. We have laughed so hard, we’ve taken the game way too seriously, and learned not all of us have poker faces 🙋🏼‍♀️ We have enthusiastically introduced the game to family and friends.

Enjoying the beauty of a sunrise and sunset. So simple and beautiful. I’ve noticed and appreciated them more since it became part of my list.

Yoga: My goal was to participate in 5 classes. Steven & I participated in a 21-day challenge at Bayou Yoga (BY) and instantly fell in love with everything about yoga and the studio. BY has opened up a whole new world – in terms of the challenges and benefits of the practice of yoga, and the friendships and community of the studio. To date, I’ve now completed 70 classes. My new goal is to make it to 100, which no doubt I will 🙌🏼

This month, I will begin my 54-days caffeine free, which could prove to be challenging, but bring it on!!! I absolutely LOVE coffee, but abstaining from it during this brief time will allow me to focus more on drinking my water and also allow more room to discover new drinks – like the Sparkling Ice I recently enjoyed in my Wellness Wins tumbler I earned through WW!!! So many more flavors to try. And I’ll finally open the box of chamomile tea I recently bought.

The only other thing on my list that has me completely freaked out is Hosting a dinner party at my house. Why did I put this down??? Well for one, it will get me out of my comfort zone and I know it will end up being a fun experience….. BUT… I get nervous just thinking about it. I will definitely keep it small with simple being the theme.

And then there’s the digital photo album. Ugh. How many times have I tried…. But I WILL do it and the finished product will be awesome.

Regarding, eating something unusual, I’m pretty sure I’ll conquer this one when we travel to Florida next month for Steven’s study group. No doubt my girl Kelly will hook me up and the rest of the ladies will get a kick out of witnessing it. Ready or not!!!

As I prepare for the finish line of embracing and experiencing the rest of my list, I will soak it in. There has been so much personal growth through this journey and abundant blessings.

THREE Months from today, I will blow out my birthday candles with one heck of a story to tell.

Until then, I’m going to continue to live life to the fullest and embrace the opportunities ahead of me.

Imagine with all your mind ~ Achieve with all your heart ~ Believe with all your might

Life With Lisa

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