Be Bold & Daring

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My husband and I just returned from an incredible trip to Crested Butte. I was looking forward to our time together, yet had no idea how life changing it would be. It literally brings me to tears and my heart is filled with gratitude.

I flew in a day before Steven, so I decided to go to Irwin Guides,, for hiking information. Irwin Guides offers many adventures, and I was quite surprised when I found myself inquiring about rock climbing. They enthusiastically told me how fun and safe it was and I found myself getting excited about the idea. Steven was equally surprised when I proposed the idea to him. We booked a full day excursion with a guide: morning hike and afternoon climb. I was SO excited!!!

When we arrived for the big day, we were telling our guide how the day before we conquered the Summit and how victorious it was. However, did we bite off more than we could chew with rock climbing??? Once again we were assured of the fun and safety of it all.

We enjoyed a scenic and beautiful hike to Lily Lake in the morning; so peaceful and serene.

With excitement and anticipation, the time has arrived and we drove to Cement Creek Valley. Secured in our harness and helmets, we are READY!!!

The first climb, our introductory, was FUN & EXCITING!!! Our second climb was a bit more of a challenge. The best way I can think of describing it was like a puzzle. You are feeling the rock with your hands, trying to find a nook to hold on to. You can’t see, so you are greatly relying on your senses. The same with your feet – lifting up your leg feeling for an edge to lift up to. Steven & our guide were very encouraging, and gave me guidance but it didn’t always make sense since they could see things I couldn’t.


I repeated many positive affirmations on my way up. And then…. I felt stuck. I shouted a few expletives πŸ™Š as I was struggling to find my way. When I heard “Your almost there”, something in me clicked. I looked up and thought

Determination kicked in and I MADE IT!!!

And so did my husband, Spider-Man

EXHILARATING!!! That is the one word to summarize it. There was a third climb which Steven successfully completed, but I simply ran out of mental gas. I was stuck physically and mentally, so I surrendered. I am so amazed at what WE accomplished. Did I mention we climbed SIXTY FEET???

YOGA definitely played a part in our success. Breathing. Balance. Flexibility. Familiarity with all of the foot muscles.

I encourage you to never dismiss an idea based on fear or assumptions. I’m so grateful that I embraced this opportunity. I continue to learn more about myself every time I step out and take a chance. Faith over fear.

Now, I’m not saying I’m going to get all crazy and set out to climb Mount Everest or venture into bouldering 😳. But I am going to continue to look for new adventures which will challenge me.

And yes, I will definitely be rock climbing again.

Imagine with all your mind ~ Believe with all your heart ~ Achieve with all your might

Life With Lisa πŸ’•

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  1. That looks like so much fun! I have had absolutely no time in the mountains this summer, but I’m hoping to get some time later this month or next.

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