Katy Meets Katy

Happy Thankful Thursday!!! Feeling great after a wonderful girls trip to Houston making memories together with my daughter Katy, and granddaughter Adalyn.

My heart was full as I took Katy & Adalyn, to the town of Katy, TX – the place she was named after. Lets just say that its grown A LOT over the past 30 years. Seems as though when we were there in 1991, Katy was one exit away from where we lived and was only a slice of what it is today. We also explored our first home. So many memories flooding back as we drove through the neighborhood and down the street to where it all began.

Katy in front of our first home

Katy was our travel guide and planned fun outings for me & Adalyn. We ate very well!!! First stop – In-N-Out Burger. What a way to start off our vacay. Can’t beat it!!!

In-N-Out Burger
Yes please 😋

We explored 2 different coffee shops that were quite the experience with their unique flare. The first was Vogue Bubble Tea and Coffee Bar in Cypress where we enjoyed a coffee flight of Vietnamese Iced Coffee, toffee nut mocha, vanilla cinnamon cold brew and s’mores latte. Yum yum 🤗❤️

Vogue Bubble Tea & Coffee Bar

We followed that up with breakfast at CoCos Crepes. Their avocado toast was to die for.

Avocado toast & crepes

EggHaus Gourmet was another divine experience. Beautiful croissants and the breakfast sandwiches 🤗

EggHaus lavender croissant
EggHaus breakfast sandwich ❤️

Let’s talk about The Original Ninfa’s!!! We met up with the very special Tyler & Kristina for the BEST Mexican food. It sure was a great laid back lunch catching up with each other.

The whole gang at The Original Ninfa’s

Our final experience – VICTORY PIE in Magnolia TX. Fresh. Homemade. Quality. Southern hospitality. The owner, Sheila, is warm and welcoming. I enjoyed talking to her and learning the history of her pie cafe. Katy & I shared a flight of apple crumb, chocolate cream, and magic cookie pie. Sheila paired these pies with various coffees. The cafe has the feel of sitting at a loved ones kitchen table sharing something special together. Check out their website. http://victorypiecompany.com

Flight of Deliciousness 🥰
Avocado toast & cappuccino 🥰 – Victory Pie

Adalyn thoroughly enjoyed the Color Factory. The confetti room was the all time favorite!!! Other adventures included the Selfie Museum, Aquarium, the Seismique and the Galleria.

MMM. Homemade pasta from Bazille’s 🤗
Confetti time at the Color Factory
Confetti angels 😇
Looking through the lens of rose colored glasses
Pure JOY ❤️
Complimentary ice cream at the end ❤️
My girls ❤️
The Aquarium – downtown Houston
Sums up our experience 🤷‍♀️
What can I say? The girl has taste 🤩

Meanwhile, the men are having a wonderful time at our happy place, Crested Butte Colorado!!!

Ski break ❤️
Reid & Doogie ❤️
Son & Son In Law 😝
Good looking group of holy men 😇❤️

I hope our adventures brought a smile to your face.

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