Super Power Wednesday

Happy Super Power Wednesday!!!

I am so blessed to be surrounded by GOOD people. When I was given this writing prompt by my business coach, I came up with some fun ideas, some of which had a sarcastic tone to it. At the same time, I was struggling with this assignment, so I took to social media for feedback.

I received the following feedback:

“I would want a super power to be able to empower others to embrace love and compassion for others. To be able to love others unconditionally.” Jen

“World peace.” Terri

“Super power of Healing (Mind and Body).” Steven

“To rid the world of hate.” Jeralyn

“When I was raising the kids, I wished to be elastigirl.” Melissa

“As a teacher, I would love the super power to be able to ‘see’ what is keeping a student from understanding the material that we are learning so I could make adjustments for them.” Sherry

“To master the virtue of charity.” Shelly

In my opinion, the feedback I received is the definition of true beauty. My heart is touched in so many ways by the response.

So while my initial reaction was that I currently have the super power of cold hands & feet – I’m talking COLD 🥶- that I use for the personal gain of my entertainment 😝… I would like to add that this past month during my 10 minutes of dedicated visualization, (as required by 75 Hard Phase 1) I always begin with

“God, show me how to use the talents and gifts you have given me to serve others.”

Things revealed during visualization have been interesting, confusing and thought provoking. More importantly its been a gift every single day.

I’ll never forget a particular Bible study from over 15 years ago which we discussed the gifts that God freely gives us. A story was told that when a person died God revealed a bunch of unopened gifts in a closet. When the person asked what the gifts were doing there, God replied that these were all for you which went unopened during your time on Earth.

Do you seek to open God’s gift to you every day?

I pray my super power would be to have the strength and courage to follow through with God’s will for me, leaving no present unopened.

I’m interested to hear how you would answer the following question:

“Name a super power you’d love to have. Would you use it for good, or for personal gain.”

Imagine with all your heart ~ Believe with all your mind ~ Achieve with all your might

Life With Lisa 💕

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