Habits of Quarantine

Greetings!!! I appreciate you stopping by my blog.

On April 1st, I began the Rachel Hollis #next90challenge. This is a commitment to living intentionally with joy, despite what is happening in the world outside of our control. If you are not familiar with Rachel Hollis, or this challenge, I highly recommend you check out the link below. You can join at ANY time. Oh, and did I mention that it is FREE!!!


First up was the introduction to 5 to Thrive, which are are 5 daily habits for life changing results.

5 to Thrive

Check out #3 on the list. Drinking water – something I’ve ALWAYS struggled with. I remember during Oprah’s 2020 Vision Tour, Oprah also addressed her struggle with water. She made her daily intake goal doable for her. Oprah realized if she couldn’t drink the standard 64 oz water daily, she would adjust it. I took that advice to heart, and instead of focusing on the ounces, I made the commitment to 3 tumblers of water. That seemed realistic and within my reach. And guess what??? I’ve successfully kept that commitment EVERY SINGLE DAY since April 1st. I’m super proud of myself since this is a huge accomplishment. 🙌🏼

3 tumblers of quality H2O every day 👏🏼

I started the practice of gratitude for Lent this year which consisted of writing down 3 things I was grateful for every day. In my Start Today journal there is room for 5. Since developing this habit, my gratitude list comes easily these days. I now look for gratitude throughout the day which of course brings me joy.


Can you name 5 things that you are grateful for?

In addition to hydration & gratitude, the 3 remaining were morning time, moving your body & fuel. During the time period of March 30-May 1st, I used my morning time for the 33-Day preparation of my Consecration to St. Joseph. Always seeking ways to deepen my Catholic faith, a priest discussed this during his homily. It piqued my interest since my father had a devotion to St. Joseph. The preparation was a time of learning more about our spiritual father while bringing me closer to his son, Jesus. You may ask who the picture is of the little boy? My father at the age of 7


Moving and fueling my body has been my lifestyle since joining WW, formerly Weight Watchers in 2015. I’ve had to adjust my fitness routine to accommodate my recovery from knee surgery, and I’ve accepted that. In addition to physical therapy, my walking has now increased to 1 mile. Make progress one baby step at a time 🙌🏼

The Rise X Live virtual conference last weekend really pulled everything together for me. It was my first Rachel Hollis conference, and definitely won’t be my last. The day was filled with powerhouse motivational speakers on the topic of courage.

We cannot control what is going on around us, we CAN control how we choose to live every day. Some days my goal is just to keep my head above water while treading frantically, while other days come easier. I will keep reaching for courage to live my best life.

Imagine with all your mind ~ Believe with all your heart ~ Achieve with all your might

Life With Lisa 💕

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