On The Prowl

Greetings my friends!!! I appreciate you stopping by to read my blog.

I have a confession. Lately I’ve been on the prowl. Again.

Since my health & fitness journey began over four years ago with WW, the first change I made was mindset. I went from Fixed to Growth mindset – opening my mind to endless opportunities for growth. As my nutrition changed by making baby steps along the way, so did my taste. And that included chocolate. The regular chocolate I was used to started tasting waxy and undesirable, but sometimes a girl needs her chocolate!!! I discovered Alter Eco Dark Velvet Organic Chocolate and it was PERFECT. It only took 1-2 squares to hit the sweet spot of satisfaction. ❤️

One day I went to the grocery store and it was GONE. GONE. GONE. Noooooo. 😩 But alas, my wonderful husband, found it on Amazon and voila, the panic was over and I could breathe again. Ahhh.

Well, that was 2017. The last purchase. Forever gone and nowhere to be found.

With an open mind, I’ve tried other chocolates offered by Alter Eco, and it wasn’t the same. I periodically go to Fresh Market or Whole Foods in search of the perfect chocolate and fall flat. But this time, I may be in luck!! With an open mind and hope in my heart, I was on the prowl once again for organic dark chocolate. I went to Whole Foods and grabbed this variety.

Lilys Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups – NOOOO
Without a doubt – NOOOOO
Lily’s Original Dark Chocolate – Fair. It will do


Loving Earth Organic Creamy Coconut Mylk Chocolate!!! YES!!! This is by far the closest I’ve come to meeting my chocolate craving expectations!

It’s silky like velvet, melt in your mouth good. And like the Alter Eco Dark Velvet, one or two squares hits that sweet spot of satisfaction.

What is your favorite organic dark chocolate?

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