A Father’s Love

Reflecting on Father’s Day, I remember the impact my father had on me, as I watch the impact my husband, Steven, has on our children.

Steven’s Father’s Day began with a FaceTime call from our son who lives in the Big Apple. Steven was beaming when he told me it was confirmed that our son would be joining us for our family reunion next month. My daughter and her family spent the day with us. We enjoyed pool time, lunch and time on the lake. We were all so proud as we watched our grandson swim across the pool without floaties!!!

FAMILY! It’s the most important thing to Steven. His example is led by his Catholic faith.

FAMILY was also very important to my Dad. He’s been gone since 2003, and I still feel his love today. My Dad was a father figure to many! To know him was to love him. He was a living example of his faith. His smile was contagious. His laugh, unforgettable. He was a nurturer. His cooking was like no other. He loved bringing food to his office in the morning, and rounding up lunch dates mid morning . As he was eating one meal, he was planning the next!!! Famous family saying, “You don’t have to be hungry to eat that!” 😝 He was a man of wisdom. His advice was always given from the heart, with compassion. When he looked at me, his eyes were filled with love. He loved my Mom, me & my brother with all of his heart. He blessed all of his family & friends greatly.

Blessed to have been raised by an extraordinary man, blessed to have married an extraordinary man that our children can look up to and see a living example of the meaning of fatherhood.

Happy Father’s Day everyone.

Imagine with all your mind ~ Believe with all your heart ~ Achieve with all your might

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4 thoughts on “A Father’s Love

    1. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and sharing your thoughts. Yes, lots of work through grief. My mom set such an example of showing up for life while going through the grief process. ❤️


  1. A father’s love is one of God’s awesome parts of a family. It isn’t the only worthy part, but a daughter with a father who loves her unconditionally is a keeper. I might be a bit biased because of my three wonderful daughters.

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