Have you ever had a friendship take an unexpected turn over a misunderstanding? I’m here to share with you a turning point of a very special friendship, which began with a misunderstanding.

Let me explain. My husband, Steven, met Rose at a networking group. Rose was, and still is, a Mary Kay consultant so Steven referred Rose to me give me so I could learn more about Mary Kay skincare & cosmetics. Rose & I hit it off and my daughter Katy, a toddler at the time, was thrilled to have a lipstick sample dabbed on her lips!!! I became her friend and customer with that first meeting.

Becoming a customer, also means being put on a mailing list. I was thrilled to receive a postcard advertising an upcoming sale. The first hour of the sale rewarded you with a 20% discount, second hour was 10%, third hour and beyond was 5%. I marked my calendar and took an inventory of my MK products and was ready!!! As a full time working mother of two young children, I had my evening mapped out so that I could call Rose at 6:00 PM uninterrupted. I kept my eye on the clock and everything was falling into place. Finally, the appointed hour arrived!!! It was 6:00 PM, so I called Rose excited and ready to place my order and receive my 20% discount.

Except…. the sale didn’t begin at 6:00 PM… the sale actually started at 6:00 AM!!!

What? You wanted me to call you at 6 AM??? Who has a sale at THAT time???

Rose replied, “it’s for working women like you.”

THAT sale, that took place over 20 years ago was the turning point. It was the beginning of a very special relationship. Because with Rose, it’s all about the personal relationship. And THAT sale which takes place at an insane time of the morning is now known as “the Lisa sale”. We still laugh hysterically over this.

Through the years, I haven’t always been a loyal customer of MK. But our friendship was always there. I recommitted to my MK regimen, and since I’ve moved Rose now drives over an hour to see me for consultations and to try her latest greatest products. Talk about customer service!!!

Last week she came into town to introduce me to the NEW TimeWise® Matte 3D Foundation, which delivers new age-defying ingredients and 12-hour performance. Let me tell you, it’s a game changer. Absolutely LOVE it!!!

Rose challenged me to enter into the #MKFoundationOfYouContest, in which you post a picture of yourself wearing the new foundation AND answer a question. What makes YOU uniquely beautiful? I can easily answer that question about anyone else, but to answer that of myself was difficult. Finally, I have an honest, heartfelt answer.

What makes me uniquely beautiful is my relationships with my friends and family. My loved ones each have a unique way of bringing out the best in me.

On this thankful Thursday, I am thankful for my family & friends who continue to bless my life. You are a treasure in my heart ❤️

I am thankful God brought Rose into my life. She is a true warrior in every sense. Over the past year we’ve really gotten to know one another on a deeper level. She continues to teach me so much more about not only MK, but life. She is a living example of her faith, her commitment to her family, friends, and community. Over the years, I’ve watched her climb the ladder of Mary Kay through her grit and determination to now hold her position of Executive Senior Sales Director.

Thank you for the love and endless laughter you have given me. And of course, Mary Kay products.

Look Rose, I’m masking!!!

Love the name, love the scent 💕

Imagine with all your mind ~ Believe with all your heart ~ Achieve with all your might

Life With Lisa

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