Thriving at 55

Hello my friends!!! How are you doing today? Any midlifers out there? Does your age bother you or do you look at it as just a number?

Having recommitted to my sobriety at the age of 47 and my health & fitness journey at the age of 49, I’m proud to say that I view age is nothing but a number.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying life is perfect, nor do I have everything figured out. I’m not always motivated to nurture my body properly or challenge my fitness. As I approach my 8th soberversary – I STILL get cravings – yes, I do – my mind will try and tell me that I “can” have a drink. As an alcoholic, I’ve NEVER had one drink.

I don’t regret all of the years of working out hard only to self sabotage with food. I don’t regret my relapse of 3 years, where many hard lessons were learned. These experiences give me a greater appreciation for where I am today. I’m healthier and stronger (mind, body AND soul) as a result of it. I don’t take for granted my health – it can change in a second. I don’t take for granted my sobriety – I’m only one drink away from a relapse and there is no guarantee I’ll make it back to recovery.

Maybe I’m an old fart at 55, but I sure do appreciate the wisdom that comes with age. I appreciate the ability to look back at my life and view them as experiences and how I’ve learned and grown from them.

Life is fragile, and I intend on soaking up every minute. I plan on continuing to THRIVE at 55 and BEYOND.

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7 thoughts on “Thriving at 55

  1. I’m coming up on fifty-two in June. Last year was an odd one, and not just the COVID, so recommitting to the “age is just a number” feels like a good fit for this birthday. Great post. Thanx.

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